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Sat Sep 22, 2018

BSNL Braodband Plan BB Home Rural Combo ULD 650 Full Detail

Plan is no more available however detail of plan available

You may select one of following broadband plan
Rent Charges & Security (INR)
Monthly Charges (INR) :650
Monthly Telephone Charges (INR) :NIL
Annual Payment (INR) 11xFMC :7150
Bi- Annual Payment (INR) 21xFMC :13650
Tri- Annual Payment (INR) 30xFMC :19500
Security Deposit (INR) :Nil
Data Charges, Free Calls & Call Charges
Additional Data Usage Charges :NA
Free Calls (MCU) within BSNL Net :150
Own Network (INR) :1
Other Network (INR) :1
More Details
Data Limit (GB) :Unlimited
Night Unlimited :NA
Bandwidth (Upload/Download) :512 Kbps Flat
E-mail ID (Nos./MB) :1/5 MB
Static IP :NA
Free Modem :Nil
Modem Type :ADSL Basic
Other Features :Unlimited free calls to any network between 9PM to 7AM and on all Sundays
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